So I got a Pebble Steel smartwatch. It’s pretty cool, and it does some basic stuff with the help of your phone, such as track your speed via gps,  send pre-configured messages, show weather, or play simple games.

I decided to develop an app for mine to keep track of my Sopio score (A simple card game that’s really fun). There were a few score trackers out there, but not many that allowed you to change increments or go into negatives.

I’ve never really done much programming in C before (I mostly use Java and C#), so it took a little getting used to, but I managed to create the app in less than a day, so I figure that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment.

If you have a pebble and want to download this app, open the pebble appstore app and search ‘Watch Score’.

here is a link to the app store listing:

Watch Score


First off some back story for this post. My niece bought a Samsung galaxy S4. She used it for about a month, then decided to go back to her iPhone and give the Samsung to her brother. This meant that as a programmer, I had to find some way to transfer her android messages to her iPhone.

My basic plan is:

  1. backup iPhone via iTunes
  2. backup android SMSs via SMS Backup and Restore
  3. transfer android SMSs into the iPhone backup using sqlite.
  4. restore iPhone from altered backup

So first off I have to take a look at the sms database. It can be found in your iTunes backup folder (for me it was %APPDATA%/Apple Computer/mobile sync/backup/). there’s one more folder with all the backups, the one you are looking for is named “3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28″.

Here are the tables inside:

[Show Tables]

First lets look at how they all relate:


Just from making up this chart of how the tables relate, I have already seen areas where I made mistakes when I first tried to inject messages into the database. If you don’t understand the lines joining each table, here is a quick refernce sheet:

So a message is made up of: the body of the message (message), an address (handle), a conversation (chat), and sometimes an attachment (attachment).

Lets look at the tables:

[Show Message Table]

[Show Handle Table]

[Show Chat Table]

That’s it for now. I’ll continue this blog post another time, though I hope you have found this helpful so far.

Edit. I spent about 2 hours creating custom shortcodes for wordpress to implement those [Show/Hide] tags. I’ll finish this another day.

I have moved to Perth! I decided I needed to advance my career, and there was no chance of that happening back home in Cairns, where there are almost no jobs in IT available, so I decided moving to the city would be my best option. I first considered Brisbane, because it was much closer to home, but after a while I realized I would pretty much have to start from scratch and find a place to live straight away. Because of this, I decided Perth was the best option as I have my sister and her family that I can stay with while I find my feet. I came over for a holiday in May and bought a brand new car, (my own car would most likely not make the trip across Australia) and got a transfer with Woolworths to the local store, so I had a job to come to. Then 3 weeks after my holiday, I flew over with 50kgs of my possessions and started life in the big city.

So voice jammer was trending the other day after that video got popular and everyone was interesting in jamming their voice, and it made it into #10 trending apps on Google  Play :D

Want proof? here’s a screenshot I took of the event:10

At the time of posting it is in #19 Top Free Music & Audio apps on google play, which makes me pretty happy.

I’ve uploaded a fix for low end phones that don’t support 44100Hz audio, and a fix for newer phones unable to reach the settings due to the removal of the menu button.

Hopefully someone will hire me  now so I can properly launch my career in IT.

Downloads for my app Voice Jammer have shot up over the last few days, most likely due to the use of a similar app in this video:, So I’ve decided to resurrect the project.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the source code up to date and only had an old, not working version of it, because when I updated to windows 8, the skydrive app refused to upload changes, then my computer died, losing all the new stuff. I managed to extract the source code from the published apk and get the app back to where it used to be, which is a big step.  Now I plan to fix the problem with accessing the menu on newer devices without a menu button (which I honestly think is a stupid change, I preferred the [back] [home] [search] [menu] buttons to the [back] [home] [recent apps] buttons, which are mostly all for navigation and not for utility)

Once my dev phone is charged up I’ll be able to release the updated version and hopefully escape the wrath of angry users unable to access the menu.

Stay tuned.

I thought I’d give an update on my project, DreigonPOS, a point of sale program for cafes. I’ve been working on this alot lately, I’ve implemented excel import and exporting, automatic Deals, and more.

First off I’ll explain the features of DreigonPOS.


titleTextI have now officially graduated from James Cook University, Cairns, with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology – Interactive Technologies and Game Design!

It’s just a bit of paper, but it seems that it’s what employers like to see, and for me, the goal of going to university wasn’t to come out with just a bit of paper, but to expand my knowledge and grant myself the tools to keep on learning and creating new things. I love programming and uni helped develop my understanding of all things about programming and computers as well as project management and practices, and now I’m ready to enter into the workforce and do some awesome stuff. Programming is one of those areas where there is still so much more to discover and improve upon, so I find it incredibly interesting to try new ways of doing things and create solutions in places where none existed before and to be apart of groundbreaking discoveries is pretty exciting!

DreigonPOS is a Point of Sales program I have been working on since late 2012. It is a POS solution for my mother’s cafe, designed for a fast food type of shop, rather than a restaurant. It utilizes Java Swing for it’s GUI and CubeSQL (which uses SQLite) for the database.

This project has given me a lot of experience with actually deploying a software package, and all the troubleshooting you have to go through to get it working easily.



Voice Jammer Logo

Try to talk while hearing your own voice at a slight delay!


The Voice Jammer adds a slight delay to the your voice which causes many people to stutter and stumble over their words and ‘jam’ their voice.

This a project I decided to make after hearing about a megaphone shaped device that does the same thing. I found PureData, an audio synthesis API tool that helped me create a delay in audio recording playback which resulted in stuttered speech, and we’re not just talking speech replayed with a stutter, it literally makes you stutter, due to how our brains work somehow. I’m not sure why it works, but I do know the results are hilarious.

You can get the app here from Google Play: